Why Should You Buy From Posterific

There are times, you would wonder where you to get posters. Your first thought is to run a search on the internet.  When it returns a result, there will be a few sceptical-looking foreign online store website. But it is quoted in foreign currency, and it is shipped from overseas.

So, the search goes on and you will be looking high and low for a local store. Voila! You have found Posterific.

Here at Posterific, we are a local Malaysian-born online store. We have a collection of posters for you to choose from. At this point of writing, we have NO physical stores available in Malaysia yet.

You must be wondering if this is for real? Of course Posterific is real! 😛 I am sure that you have some questions bugging in your head when you are looking for posters to buy.

Fret no more, here are the top 6 questions that we can help to debunk.

Are they ready-stocked?

Yes! Posterific regularly stocks up a collection of posters from our suppliers around the world. We ship it to you once the order has been received. There will be no extra lead time. All posters are directly shipped from our warehouse.

Are they original / licensed?

Yes! Posterific only sells licensed (or original) posters from the suppliers like GB Eye and Pyramid International. We are authorised to distribute and sell in Malaysia. We guarantee that all products are fully licensed from respective brand owners.

Are they going to be well-packed when ship to my home?

Yes! Posterific will ensure all the posters that you buy from us will be packed in a 3mm-thick core tube. It is also secured on both ends with plastic caps. We will also wrap the core tube with multi-layered plastic wrap to keep moisture out*.

*Disclaimer: The plastic wrap may not be entirely water-proofed, but we try our very best to keep it dry.

Can I trust the website that I buy from?

Yes! They are all secured with SSL certification. Posterific offers a few sites* for you to buy from.

  1. Website: http://www.posterific.com.my
  2. Lazada Malaysia: https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/posterific
  3. Shopee Malaysia: https://shopee.com.my/posterific

*Each site offers different rate of discounts. Please check all sites before you purchase.

Are the posters customisable?

No! Unfortunately, at current time of writing, we are not offering any customisation on any designs. Any request of printing will be turned down. We are fully committed to fight against piracy of licensed designs. We will only sell designs that are licensed from our suppliers, without customisation.

Can I get a refund if it is damaged?

Yes! You can get a refund when you prove to us the damaged goods with photos via WhatsApp. We appreciate your honesty in claiming the refund for the damaged goods.

What is next?

Posterific strives in providing you the best products and services. If there are any questions that may be bugging you, do reach us through WhatsApp (0126343032) or Email (theposterific@gmail.com).

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