Welcome to Posterific’s first blog post entry!

Recently, we revamped of our website. We started out in 2014 using a WordPress site to communicate with our customers. It was just a simple blog site.

We eventually moved to an e-commerce site for the convenience of our customers. Our customers were able to shop for their favourite posters on our site.

In 2016, we listed our products on Lazada and subsequently, Shopee platform as well. We faced a difficulty in maintaining our own website as most of our sales came from the platforms mentioned earlier.

Fast forward 2019, we took a difficult decision to close down the e-commerce site and only focus on selling through the platforms. However, we still maintain our website domain name (www.posterific.my) and registered a new domain name (www.posterific.com.my) as the point for customers to obtain information about us.

So, here we are here! Our first blog post entry of the ‘new’ website.

Do follow us here and we will keep you posted on the latest information about our products!


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