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In recent weeks, Posterific had received a few queries on customised framing from multiple customers through chat on our Lazada, Shopee platforms and WhatsApp text.

In this blog post, we will explain more about our products and show you through the photographs to help you to understand our products better.

What is Customised Framing?

At Posterific, we offer framing service for different dimensions / sizes of posters that are sold at our online store. We can frame these posters of Maxi (61 cm x 91.5 cm), Mini (40 cm x 50 cm) and Giant (100 cm x 140 cm).

Wonder Woman and Batman Framed Maxi Posters

The framed poster is an option to display your favourite poster on the wall without damaging the poster. Without framing the poster, the poster is likely to be displayed on the wall by using double-sided cellophane tape or blu-tac on the back side of the poster. Over time, the tape or blu-tac used will disintegrate or damage the paper of the poster.

World Map Framed Maxi Poster
Liverpool FC’s This Is Anfield Framed Maxi Poster
Star Wars’ Darth Vader Framed Maxi Poster

Framing Material

The material used for the poster to be mounted on is made of wood. The poster will be mounted permanently using a special wet glue. The sides of the poster (thickness of 2 cm) are taped with a black tape to hold the poster on to the wood. Hence, the poster cannot be removed once it is mounted on the wood.

Black tape on the sides with plastic wrap
Side view of the sides

Once the poster is mounted, a layer of transparent plastic will be wrapped over the mounted poster. The plastic will be stapled at the back of the wood. This is to protect the poster from any scratches.

Plastic wrapping staple at the back
Close-up view of the staple

How to Display on the Wall?

Th standard way of displaying is to hang the poster using a nylon string attached at the back of the framed poster.

Close-up view of the hook with nylon strings
Close-up view of the hook with nylon strings
View of the nylon strings tied on both sides
Full view of the back of framed poster

Otherwise, we also provide an alternative displaying method. It is called the “M” hook. This will only be provided upon request.

“M” Hook


Expansion & Contraction of Posters

Remember about the wet glue which I mentioned earlier? Due to the paper material of the poster, a slight expansion will occur on the paper when the wet glue is applied on. Once the glue has dried up, the paper will contract. The paper may not contract back to its original dimension of the poster. Hence, if you are puzzled why the posters that you have ordered are not of the same dimension as stated, please do not worry!

Warping Issue of the Framed Posters

Once the poster is framed, we would recommend you to not store the item in a hot and humid conditioned area. This would cause the wood to warp (expand or contract) in the aforementioned conditions.

How to Deliver to You?

All the framed poster is wrapped in a protective bubble-wrapper. This is to ensure the poster is protected inside. Once it is wrapped, we will secure the item in a cardboard box. Oh, not forgetting, “Fragile” stickers are pasted on the box to ensure careful handling by the delivery partners.

Framed maxi poster wrapped in bubble-wrapper
Top view of framed maxi poster wrapped in bubble-wrapper
The bubble-wrapped framed maxi poster secured in the cardboard box with “Fragile” sticker
Back side view of the secured framed poster in the cardboard box with “Fragile” sticker
Top view of the secured framed poster in the cardboard box with “Fragile” sticker
“Fragile” sticker on the side of the box
“Fragile” sticker on the top of the box

Where to Buy Framed Posters?

So, are you satisfied with the explanation above? If you would like to know more about the framed posters, do drop us a WhatsApp message by click the link below:

WhatsApp Number: +60126343032

Or else, visit our Lazada and Shopee official stores to get your favourite framed posters.

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