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Today, we are going to talk about laminated poster. At Posterific, we provide the service to laminate all our posters, ranging from Maxi (61 cm x 91.5 cm), Mini (40 cm x 50 cm) and Giant (100 cm x 140 cm) posters.

Poster Lamination

Firstly, we place the poster between two transparent plastic sheets. Then we put through a heating machine so that both sheets will be attached. Next, we let the laminated poster to cool off. Finally, we trim the corners of the lamination if needed.

Laminated Poster – Front View
Laminated Poster – Close-up View
Laminated Poster – Side View
Laminated Poster – Close-up Corner View

Benefits of Laminated Poster


The laminated poster can withstands liquid spills on it. The plastic lamination protects the poster from wet conditions.


The poster on its own is a fragile piece of item. With lamination, the poster is strengthen as the plastic lamination sheets protects the poster on the inside from crumples and tear.


By laminating the poster, it keeps the poster’s life longer. You may come across people accidentally tore your posters before. With lamination, you can protect it from happening. Hence, we like to recommend you to laminate the poster.

Duration of Lamination

It takes about 1-2 working days for the poster to be laminated. We immediately expedite the order and send the poster to the lamination shop. So, do not worry about longer period of waiting.

Order & Packaging

We pack the item into a thick-walled cylindrical tube. Hence it protects the laminated poster during the shipment by the delivery partners.

Visit our Lazada and Shopee Official Stores to get your favourite laminated posters now. If you want other posters to be laminated, please send us a WhatsApp message at +60126343032 or click the link below for easy access.

WhatsApp Us at +60126343032

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